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Roof Maintenance Tips

Keep roof clear of debris

When leaves, dirt and branches etc are allowed to accumulate you’ll see the biggest increase in stains, algae and mold. Keeping choke points like the corners of gutters is a great way to ensure your drainage system is performing correctly. Having a metal mesh cover installed can keep the gutter itself clear of any blockage but will need to be kept clean regularly to ensure water runoff from the roof is uninterrupted.

Choose the right weather

If you decide to perform any cleaning on your roof with a cleaning solution make sure you choose the proper weather conditions. If you start on a very sunny and hot day the cleaning solution might dry up before it has had a chance to kill any algae or mold. On an overcast day you might end up getting rained on halfway through which will wash off your solution and also present safety issues standing on a roofing surface that isn’t dry. This brings up another issue when you do decide to do any cleaning on the roof, make sure to work in horizontal sections before moving up the roof. This will ensure that your first section can dry by the time you make it back around and have dry footing to move up the roof.

Keep trees trimmed

Not a job anyone really enjoys but the simple act of keeping three limbs clear of your roof with reduce the amount of clutter and debris that make it into your gutters and downspouts. A little regular maintenance on your surrounding trees will save you a large amount of time in the long run with roof maintenance and repair.

Window Maintenance Tips

Take care of your frames

Wiping your window sills and frames with a damp cloth will stop the build up of dust and dirt which can cause discoloration and staining. Also inspect painted areas regularly for sun damage and discoloration. Any chipped or warped paint due to sun damage can invite moisture into the woodwork and should be repaired as soon as possible. When we perform a window cleaning we make sure to keep tracks clear of dirt and debris also to make sure the window is functioning correctly. This is something that you can keep up on at home to avoid any damage to the functionality of the window itself.

Another important aspect of window maintenance is proper sealing. Any gaps that develop over time from wear and tear can both increase your energy costs as well as encourage moisture and mold to form on or around the windows. A spray insulation or caulk can be used although be sure to consult a professional if you’re not familiar with using those products.

Driveway Maintenance Tips

Cleaning and Sealing

If Shine Right is handling your drive way cleaning then we will ensure that it is cleaned and sealed correctly. If it is something you’d like to handle after our initial visit however, you should try to reseal your concrete driveway every two years. Luckily in Florida we don’t have to worry about deicing chemicals but in other states they can cause cracks and pits in the concrete. Other chemical spills like gasoline or oil should be handled as soon as possible to avoid permanent marking of the surface. Following these simple tips will allow your upkeep costs to remain low and no major repairs should be needed on the surface itself.

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